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Portraits for families, couples, newborns, seniors, adventures, and more


Life is Full of Special Moments – Both Major and Mundane. Photos Make It Easier for You to Savor All of Them

So, let’s do Future You the favor of actually capturing them, shall we?

Whether the season of life you’re in is ~eventful~ (Graduations! New babies! Cross-country moves!) or, um, not (watching a lot of Great British Bake-off and wondering when your kid is gonna grow out of those 5:00 AM weekend wakeup times), these are the moments and memories you’ll want to treasure forever.

A year from now, you might not believe your toddler was ever that little.

Ten years from now, you might be so grateful you decided to bring your beloved dog along for your holiday card photo shoot… because snapshots are your only way to see him now.

Twenty-five years from now, you might be pulling out this very album to show that same toddler’s new fiance just how unbearably adorable (and so smol!) they were way back when.

Fifty years from now, you might gently thumb through decades of family photos, spot the sweater your partner couldn’t get enough of in the olden days of 2023, and unleash a flood of happy memories you didn’t even realize you had.

And 100 years from now? Those images might be one of the only ways your great-grandkids can get a glimpse of you, grasp what your life was like, and marvel over just how much has – or hasn’t – changed.

Time moves quickly, and nothing stays the same forever.

One of the best and worse facts of life?

You can count on each session being easygoing, lighthearted, fun, and customized to you – I promise.

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  • One 30-minute or 60-minute photography session in the location of your choice (need some suggestions? I’ve got you!)
  • An online gallery of edited images (so you can excitedly share with family and friends around the world)
  • Print release for personal use (you’re more than welcome to use my lab for prints, but nope – I don’t require it *gasp*)
  • No firm cap on images. If I get a great photo of your fam, of course I want you to have it! You can expect around 50 images from a 30-minute session and 100 images from a 60-minute session.

From $350

Family Portrait Sessions

You can expect your complete gallery in approximately 2-3 weeks! Get ready to oooh, aaah, and marvel over what an amazing family you’ve created.


I’ll help you get prepared so you can show up for your session, relax, and have fun!


Once you confirm your date, you’ll select your session length, sign your contract, and complete your payment on the day of your session.


Start by filling out my quick, simple contact form here so we can start discussing dates and availability. Want to schedule a phone call or FaceTime session to get all of your questions answered? You got it!


Here's How It Works

Your family photography questions, answered

Where will our session take place?

Anywhere and everywhere! I’m based in Simpsonville, South Carolina and do lots of photo sessions throughout North and South Carolina, including Greenville, Asheville, and Columbia.

Need location suggestions? Just let me know!

What’s included in a session?

In addition to the session itself, you’ll receive an online gallery of edited images, a download pin (so you can download your favorites), and a print release (yup, you’ll get to print your favorite photos wherever you choose). 

Want to order prints from your gallery directly through me? You always have that option, but there’s never an obligation.

How do you decide what to edit?

When I’m culling and editing images, my driving question is: “Would I want this photo?”

Real talk: I want to give you as many nice pictures of your family as I possibly can. That’s why I don’t set a firm quantity or limit on the number of photos I deliver. As a general estimate, though, you can expect approximately 50 images for each 30-minute session.

Do you have a specific editing style?

My style is true-to-life! Not muted and airy. Not dark and moody. I like rich, vibrant colors and lots of contrast. In every image, I want you to look like yourself.

I primarily edit for natural skin tones. While I’m happy to take care of a little breakout or two, a bit of redness, or an area where gravity decided to be especially weird at that particular moment, I don’t do massive photoshop edits or change your intrinsic features.

You’re legit, right?

Yeah, I pay taxes and stuff. 😎

But seriously, yes: D. Hayman Photography, LLC is a registered limited liability company in the state of South Carolina. I have liability and equipment insurance through The Hartford. I also have business licenses for the cities of Simpsonville, Greenville, and Columbia.

What’s in your camera bag?

Nikon, babyyyy. You like tech specs? Um, same. I have three camera bodies: two D750s and one mirrorless Z7 II. Prime lenses are my favorite (they’re super sharp!), but I carry a variety: everything from wide-angle to macro.

So, about that whole pandemic thing…

Me and my antibodies are ready to parrrtayyy! JK… I didn’t party before the pandemic hit (unless staying up late to finish a book on a Friday night counts as partying?), and I certainly don’t now. 

I’m fully vaccinated and live my life like a responsible adult who cares about other people. If you have extra precautions you want or need to take, just let me know and we can talk it through.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. Help?

Sure! Just send me an email:

Let's make it happen →

I recognize your family as a family, no matter who you love, how many of you there are (because couples can most definitely be families, duh), your biological ties, the color of your skin, your gender, or your immigration status. 

I’m a photographer for everyone, and I can promise you’ll always be safe and respected here.

Oh, and just a quick reminder, from one crazy dog lady to another (well, maybe?): pets most definitely count as part of the family, and they are always invited.

One more (very important) thing…

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