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Re-live your most incredible moments over and over – just by opening a photo album

Vibrant, True-to-Life Photography for Life’s Most
Meaningful Milestones


Shooting throughout North and South Carolina (Coming to Chicagoland Summer 2024)

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Sound about right? 

Welcome! You’re so in the right place, and I couldn’t be happier to meet you.

Instead, you’d rather have photos that reflect your true selves, your extraordinary relationship, and all of the tiny details of this amazing day you’ve created together – exactly as you remember them.

Is it starting to seem, like, um, most wedding photographers’ websites look kind of… the same?

Straight, white couples. Muted colors. Fields of wheat at sunset. Sunflowers stuck into cowboy boots. Cool, cool, cool.

But… that’s just not you. And 50 years from now, you don’t want to flip through a wedding album full of awkward, formal poses and think, “Well, that was a choice.”

Your wedding won’t look or feel like anyone else’s… so why should your photos?

- Ken & Allison

“Receiving our photos was the absolute best. It truly was like we got to relive our wedding day.”

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That’s what I’m here to give you.

Let’s capture your story in a way that feels authentic to you so you can share it with pride.

But an experience where you can have a legit great time, show up as your truest self, feel safe and respected, and end up with incredible shots that catch real smiles and sincere emotions?

Real talk: most professional photographers can provide you with good pictures.

throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, & Beyond

LGBTQ+-Affirming Wedding Photography & Family Portraits

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Yeah, weddings are kind of my favorite.

Getting to know you, celebrating alongside you on one of the happiest days of your life, capturing every little meaningful moment & genuine reaction up close, and then handing those memories over to you in a format that can transport you back whenever you want? 

Wedding Photography

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PS: Pets count as part of the family, which means they’re always invited.

One of the most special perks of being your photographer? It’s watching your family grow – and helping you document every season of life, both big and small, with photographic evidence (the good kind, obvs).

Family Portraits

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*Joanne and her garbage takes on trans folks can go kick rocks, tho

Crazy dog lady, mom to one human, Hufflepuff*, and, of course, wedding & family photographer for laid-back people who can’t resist a good (and by good, I mean bad) dad joke.

While I’m based in Simpsonville, South Carolina (near gorgeous Greenville, Asheville, and Columbia), I’m always up for an adventure. Planning a mountaintop elopement? I’m there. Maybe a chill, at-home session is more your style? Sign me up!

Oh, and if the idea of getting in front of the camera has you feeling a little nervous, that’s ok! I’m here to help you step out of your shell and have fun (yes, really!) so the thing that matters most – the love you feel for one another – can shine through.

The “D. Hayman” in D. Hayman Photography, in case you were wondering

Hi! I’m Devin Hayman

- Caitlan & Mary Hollis

Within the first few minutes of meeting Devin in person, we both became very comfortable. She never made us feel posed or fake, and even the moments that felt silly (like dancing to no music in a random field near downtown) ended up providing us with incredible photos.

“After being pretty nervous in the beginning (neither of us loves being in front of the camera, and we were worried about being awkward and uncomfortable), we were shocked that we actually enjoyed our photo shoots!"

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