A little northwest of Greenville is Sassafras Mountain – my absolute favorite spot in South Carolina 🤩. Let me tell you why I love it, and what makes Sassafras such a perfect destination for photo shoots — including family sessions and (my personal favorite) engagement sessions.

First, you gotta love the name, right? With a name like sassafras you just know you’re in for something special!

A little bit about the location itself: part of the Blue Ridge mountains, Sassafras Mountain is the highest point in the state of South Carolina (3560 feet, to be precise). The mountain sits just along the South Carolina / North Carolina border, meaning couples from across western North Carolina can easily reach this location, too. 


As the highest point as far as the eye can see, Sassafras Mountain has the views. Thanks to a beautiful new observation deck, Sassafras boasts unobstructed views in every direction. 

You can see quite far in every direction from this spot— the views go on for miles around the Upstate and on into North Carolina, and every last angle is breathtaking. 

What does this mean for your photo session? Simple: you get an amazing backdrop (or eight) for your engagement, bridal, and couples sessions. Sunrise, sunset, foggy, clear, and every season of the year: it hardly matters what the weather’s doing. You’ll still look fantastic up here. 

Depending on which direction you’re looking, you can see Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina from this one point, with rolling mountains and foothills spilling out into the upcountry piedmont.

So what makes Sassafras my top mountain photography destination (besides everything I’ve already mentioned)?

The new observation tower offers gorgeous views in every direction!


Well, truth be told, mountain lighting is tricky for photographers. And usually you’ll only get great sunlight at specific angles, maybe even only during specific seasons. But because Sassafras is clear in every direction, both sunrise and sunset are golden and magical, all year round.

Sassafras is also juuust high enough to get that jaw-dropping mountain fog. On a cloudy or foggy day, it transforms into something ethereal, almost otherworldly— and still just stunningly gorgeous 😍.

If the mountain views weren’t enough, Sassafras Mountain is also easily accessible, just a five-minute walk from the parking area and no hiking needed. And if you’re looking for a wooded location, I’ve got the perfect spot just off the parking lot. Mountains and forests in one session!

Pretty light at sunrise
Pretty light at sunset
She’s even pretty in the fog
No hiking means Sassafras Mountain can work for kids, pets, wedding dresses, and maternity
Magical Forest? I gotchu


Sassafras may feel like a world away, but it’s actually just an hour away from Greenville city center! No matter where you live in Upstate SC or western North Carolina, Sassafras is a reasonable drive away. 

Most South Carolinians reach Sassafras by heading toward Pickens along Highway 183 and then heading north on Highway 178 (Pickens Highway). Western NC folks take Highway 64 and then drop down through Rosman along 178. The turn up to the mountain is easy to spot: just look for Sassafras Mountain Road.

Not many locations are still gorgeous in January!


Are you considering booking a photography session in the coming months? Whether it’s an engagement session, family session, or even a “just because” session, I’d be honored to capture your beauty, love, and essence—and I’d love to do it at Sassafras.

You only get to live this moment once! Now’s the time to create a snapshot of your love, hopes and dreams. You’re already worth it: Sassafras Mountain just adds that extra bit of magic.

Life is full of special moments; it’s my honor as a photographer to capture moments that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives!

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