Being a photographer is fun. I get to see and experience so many big, important moments in people’s lives. Shooting a proposal is extra special and seriously so fun! So, when I was asked to photograph Devon proposing to Leasey at Reedy Cove Falls, I said yes SO FAST! I got to be a lil sneaky sneak, hiding in the bushes. In my head, I was a bird watcher just doing normal bird watcher things and that’s why I had my cameras and super long lens out at the waterfall.

When I saw Devon and Leasey coming down the trail, my anticipation skyrocketed! I briefly made eye contact with Devon and tried to wink (but I don’t really know how to wink so it might have been more of an enthusiastic blink?) The whole time I watched them climbing up to the falls, I was so worried Leasey would notice my camera following them and think I was a suuper creep!

After a few moments of enjoying the waterfall, Devon reached into a pocket, pulled out a ring, and dropped to one knee. The dual waterfalls were an absolutely perfect backdrop to the most romantic proposal! Leasey was so surprised! Afterward, we got to find a quiet spot on the trail to take more photos! Devon and Leasey’s love and joy are palpable in these images! It was an absolutlely perfect day!

Congratulations Devon and Leasey! I am so, so grateful to have experienced such an amazing moment with you!

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