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(aka no pretentious rules or gloomy filters that make it look like you’re marrying into the Cullen fam)

Your most treasured moments, captured exactly as you remember them

Personalized Wedding Photography That’s All About Your Love, Your Story, and Your Day

Ok – now let’s get you what you came for!

As your photographer, I’m here to tell your story. Just like your relationship is unique, your wedding will be, too! My highest priority is for your images to reflect you and your day exactly as you remember it: joyful smiles, happy tears, natural movement, rich colors, and lots of true-to-life contrast.

You will be safe and respected here – no matter who you love, the color of your skin, your gender, or your immigration status. I’m a photographer for everyone.

This experience is about both of you. You’ve probably noticed that the wedding industry can be really bride-centric… buuut in a not-so-good, behind-the-times way. Like, not every wedding has a bride, and some weddings have two brides, you know? That’s why I won’t call you a bride (unless you want me to).

Before we get to all those questions that are bouncing around in your brain (nbd, you’re only planning one of the most significant events of your life, right?), you miiight be wondering what it’s like to work with me. Here’s a little preview:

Congratulations on your engagement! I’m so happy you found your way here.

- Ken & Allison

When we received our photos, I wept – in a good way – and was *shocked* at how well the images captured the look and feel of our wedding day. It was the absolute best – it truly felt like we got to relive the day.

My feelings on photography totally changed after working with Devin. Hiring a photographer like her is not inexpensive, but it’s SO worth it.

"We were surprised (and thrilled!) with how easy Devin made it seem to get great photos. I think this comes down to a few things: 1. She’s just a great photographer. 2. She puts people at ease and works *with them,* which makes folks feel – and look – more comfortable. 3. Her judgment in choosing the photos to send us after our shoot was excellent. I’m sure we took at least a few weird photos, but I didn’t see ANY I wasn’t 100% thrilled about."

An all-encompassing wedding photography experience? Check. A few hours of coverage for an intimate wedding or adventure elopement? Check. Maybe something in between? Check!

And yes, each wedding package includes a complimentary engagement session. This gives us time to get to know each other in a lower-stakes setting, and it gives you and your partner the chance to get comfortable being in front of the camera. Plus: more beautiful photos to treasure forever!

Wedding Photography Packages & Pricing

Let's Get Started →

Want a little extra? You also have the option of adding Rehearsal Dinner Coverage, a Bridal Session, and an Anniversary Session to whichever package you choose!

Starting at $5,200

So comprehensive, it even includes your album
  • Complimentary Engagement Session
  • Bridal or Anniversary Session
  • 10 Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage
  • Second Shooter
  • Online Image Gallery
  • Print Release (for personal use of the images)
  • Complimentary 10”x10” Heirloom Album

Package A

Starting at $3,300

The perfect middle ground
  • Complimentary Engagement Session
  • 8 Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage
  • Second Shooter
  • Online Image Gallery
  • Print Release (for personal use of the images)

Package B

Starting at $2,200

Designed especially for intimate weddings
  • Complimentary Engagement Session
  • 4 Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage
  • Online Image Gallery
  • Print Release (for personal use of the images)

Package C

- Kyle & Cecilee

“Devin’s ability to capture authenticity in her photos is unmatched, especially in our area. From her editing style to the moments she chooses to shoot, her photography documents the day as you hope to remember it – real but with a perfect hint of magic.”

Get in Touch →

Get ready to relive the joy you felt on your wedding day over and over again – whenever you want! You’ll receive a sneak peek the very next business day, and you can expect your full gallery within 4 - 6 weeks.


I put my whole heart (and tons of thought) into each and every couple’s experience, so prepare to be seeing a lot of me over the next few months… especially on your wedding day. 

PS: Some of my dearest friends started out as clients, so… you might just find yourself with a new bestie at the end of our time together.


Details time! I’ll send over a short survey with questions on how you met, your proposal story, wedding day logistics, your priorities, and more. Having as much info as possible helps me do two things: 1) create an experience that’s custom to you, and 2) understand how to capture your story in the best way possible. 


If you’re like, “Yes, I love you, please take my money,” then you’ll select your package and add-ons, sign your contract, and pay your retainer (30% of the total is due when you sign on the dotted line; the remaining 70% is due two weeks before the wedding).


Want to schedule a phone call, FaceTime, or coffee date to get your questions answered and make sure we’re the perfect fit? We can do that, too.


Head over here, fill out the simple contact form (don’t forget the fun fact – it’s the best part!), and we’ll discuss dates.


Here’s how the process works:

Want me to photograph your wedding? I’d be honored! 

- Kirsten & Ced

“Devin was fun to be around, made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera, and worked hard to capture all the important moments on our wedding day. Our pictures turned out beautifully! I highly recommend her!”

Answers to all (ok, most) of your biggest questions

The Details

Where can we shoot?

Anywhere and everywhere! I’m based in Simpsonville, South Carolina and do lots of photo sessions throughout North and South Carolina, including Greenville, Asheville, and Columbia.

Been dreaming of a mountaintop elopement in the Pisgah Forest? I’m there. Feelin’ like those bright lights of Las Vegas would be perfect for your engagement session? You got it. Planning to say your vows on the deck of the Queen Mary? Get ready for me to hop off the plane at LAX (with my dreams and a cardigan, obvs).

Need location suggestions for your engagement, bridal, or anniversary shoot? Just let me know!

What’s included in a session?

In addition to the session itself, you’ll receive an online gallery of edited images, a download pin (so you can download your favorites), and a print release (yup, you’ll get to print your favorite photos wherever you choose). 

Want to order prints from your gallery directly through me? You always have that option, but there’s never an obligation.

And yeah – after downloading the digital images from your gallery, you’re welcome to print or post them (for your personal use) wherever! I’m not here to make life more complicated for either of us, so you won’t find a long list of rigid rules about where and how you can share your photos, who has to be tagged, or what phase the moon has to be in (but if you loved your experience and want to tag me and tell everyone, I’d appreciate it so, so much).

We’re not used to being in front of the camera, and we’re worried it’s going to be soooo awkward. Got any words of wisdom?

Please don’t worry! It’s normal to feel this way, and you are 100% NOT ALONE.

Here’s what matters the most: your feelings for each other. Your love will show through, even if you feel a little silly at first.

This is a zero-judgment zone, and I’ll do my very best to help you feel comfortable and confident. Plus, I promise I won’t stand in front of you and be like, “Ok, now look at the sky and laugh!”

And if it helps? Almost all of my clients who felt nervous or awkward in the beginning ended up having way more fun than they thought was possible by the time our session was over. 

What are the perks of having a second shooter?

Since I haven’t figured out how to be in more than one place at a time yet (working on it), having a second shooter allows us to capture all of the important moments of your wedding day – both big and small!

For example, while I’m taking photos of your first look (which I highly recommend, btw!), the second shooter can capture the details of your venue and/or reception space before everyone arrives. Or, while I’m documenting your first dance, the second shooter can catch the adoring reactions from your friends and family. The list goes on!

How do you decide what to edit?

When I’m culling and editing images, my driving question is: “Would I want this photo?”

If I have a nice picture of you and your family, of course I want to give it to you! That’s why I don’t set a firm quantity or limit on the number of photos I deliver.

As far as a general estimate goes, though, you’ll receive approximately 100 images per hour of wedding coverage.

Do you have a particular editing style?

My style is true-to-life! Like you might have seen above, I like rich, vibrant colors and lots of contrast. In every image, I want you to look like yourself, and I want the details to look like they actually did on the big day.

I primarily edit for natural skin tones. While I’m happy to take care of a little breakout or two, a bit of redness, or an area where gravity decided to be especially weird at that particular moment, I don’t do massive photoshop edits or change your intrinsic features.

You’re legit, right?

Yeah, I pay taxes and stuff. 😎

But seriously, yes: D. Hayman Photography, LLC is a registered limited liability company in the state of South Carolina. I have liability and equipment insurance through The Hartford. I also have business licenses for the cities of Simpsonville, Greenville, and Columbia.

Want to see reviews and testimonials from other couples? You can find ‘em sprinkled throughout this here website!

What’s in your camera bag?

Nikon, babyyyy. You like tech specs? Um, same. I have three camera bodies: two D750s and one mirrorless Z7 II. Prime lenses are my favorite (they’re super sharp!), but I carry a variety: everything from wide-angle to macro.

I think we’re supposed to ask you about backups and stuff, so… how does that work?

That’s smart! I’m ALL about backups. On your wedding day, I shoot with two cameras – each of which has two memory cards (so we’re covered in case anything fails).

For each and every session, I make two copies of each of your images. I won’t delete anything until your final gallery is uploaded, nor do I delete galleries once they’re live. Plus, I keep a backup copy on a hard drive. 


So, about that whole pandemic thing…

Me and my antibodies are ready to parrrtayyy! JK… I didn’t party before the pandemic hit (unless staying up late to finish a book on a Friday night counts as partying?), and I certainly don’t now. 

I’m fully vaccinated and live my life like a responsible adult who cares about other people. If you have extra precautions you want or need to take, just let me know and we can talk it through.

Can you share recommendations for local vendors that are just as fun and affirming as you are?

Yes! I’m happy to help with anything you need during the planning process, whether that’s helping with your timeline, coordinating with your planner, or connecting you with my favorite vendors in the area.

We have a question that isn’t answered here. Help?

Sure! Just send me an email:

book me for the big day →

Ready for snapshots that’ll still make you swoon 20 years from now, plus an experience that’ll never leave you feeling like, “Gosh, that was awkward”?

-  Caitlan & Mary Hollis

“Being able to joke around, be silly and laugh with/around Devin made a big difference for us both. After the engagement shoot, I knew that we had made the right choice, and that she was going to be perfect for our wedding. Even the most “formal” of our wedding portraits felt easy and comfortable, and the shots were amazing.”

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