Ya girl loves a mountain. Almost as much as I love an awesome, adventurous couple. Combining the two at sunset is a recipe for magic. Casey & Hieu’s sunset session at Black Balsam Knob was exactly that!

Casey and Hieu have been married for almost five years and are clearly pretty amazing. They love dogs and Harry Potter as much as I do. Casey and I work together and we recently crossed paths while I was wearing a Hogwarts sweatshirt and she was wearing a Ravenclaw Quidditch tee. (I’m a Hufflepuff, but we handle the inter-house rivary amicably). Casey and Hieu’s session was full of laughter and is one of my favorites!

I had wanted to visit Black Balsam Knob for a while, and it did not disappoint! It’s a very short hike to the top, and the views are just ridiculous.

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