Fun Fact: I offer lifestyle newborn photography. The first couple weeks with your new baby are so exciting and should be captured! I am always honored when parents invite me to celebrate with them! But what does it really mean to be a “lifestyle” newborn photographer?

I think it’s easier to define what I don’t do. When you Google “Newborn Photography“, you’ll find lots of beautiful images of sleeping babies, often with elaborate backdrops and props. I think it’s beautiful art, but it’s not in my wheelhouse.

  • Stylistically, I’m not big on props or backdrops. I’m much more interested in emotions, connections, and people!
  • I’m also not great at advanced Photoshop. A lot of posed newborn photography is a composition of multiple images
  • I am not trained in newborn safety, nor do I have proper equipment

Safety is the most important consideration when choosing a newborn photographer. Posing a newborn requires skill and knowledge. If you are interested in posed newborn photography, make sure your photographer is insured and trained in newborn safety!


So what can you expect during a lifestyle newborn session?

Most newborn sessions take place in the first two weeks of your baby’s life. During a lifestyle session, I come to your house and capture what happens naturally! All of the snuggles, smiles, and tender moments.

Lifestyle sessions are very relaxed. Everyone is more comfortable at home! Most sessions around two hours – that gives plenty of time for breaks! Here’s what you can expect from a lifestyle session:





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