I’m wrapping up my favorite photography locations and miiiight have saved the best for last! Part one had all of my favorite downtown locations. Part two was my favorite local parks. This week’s post has both my favorite photography location and my all time favorite place in South Carolina! If you’re up for an adventure and are able to go for a drive, this is the post for you! And the best part is, none of these gorgeous locations requires a bunch of hiking! They max out around a quarter of a mile, and the views are always worth it!


Sassafrass Mountain is my absolute favorite place to shoot in South Carolina! I’m always so excited when a couple or family wants to go there! I’ve seen it at sunrise, at sunset, in summer, in the dead of winter, and it’s perfect every time. The parking lot is right at the top of the mountain, providing easy access to both sweeping views and pretty woods.


If you like waterfalls, Dupont State Forest is for you! With a short hike, you can find three different waterfalls! Surrounded by beautiful trees, this location is truly special.


Not gonna lie, Max Patch is a heck of a drive. These views are one hundred percent worth the effort! The top offers 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains. If you’re lucky, you might even find a surprise field of wildflowers!


Lake Jocassee, in Devils Fork State Park, is my favorite place in South Carolina! I can’t get enough of those crystal clear waters and the gorgeous mountains in the distance. I love to hike here with my family, and it’s an excellent backdrop for photos.


I can’t be the only person who didn’t know South Carolina has a national park, right? Located just outside of Columbia, Congaree has ancient trees, miles of boardwalk, and a dope swampy landscape.


Black Balsam Knob is a gorgeous gem along the Blue Ridge Parkway! It isn’t accessible in the winter, as the Parkway isn’t maintained. During the summer, you can’t beat those views!

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