So you’re finally ready to sit down and plan your dream wedding; yay! One of the biggest tasks you probably have to check off your list is finding the perfect venue for you and your partner, and part of that can be finding ones that are LGBT-friendly. 

While ideally, this would be every venue in the state, the last thing you want to do is find a perfect venue and then find out it’s not so perfect. As a South Carolina wedding photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to capture weddings at some amazing venues around the state that not only look beautiful but are also welcoming of all love. 

If you’re looking for that perfect wedding venue, take a look at some of my favorite LGBT-friendly wedding venues in South Carolina. 

Top Picks for LGBT-Friendly Wedding Venues in South Carolina 

701 Whaley, Columbia 

A couple leaning up against a pole as they lean into each other.

701 Whaley is one of the most beautiful venues you will find in Columbia. The historic building that was originally built in 1903 has amazing, open spaces throughout that can be transformed for your perfect wedding day. 

There are huge windows that let in so much beautiful light (especially in the afternoon), and there is plenty of space throughout to not only have the perfect ceremony but to dance the night away with all of your closest friends and family! 

There are a couple of different spots within the venue that you can choose for your wedding, ranging from the smaller 2,000-square-foot Olympia Room to the massive 6,000-square-foot Grand Hall. Whichever space you choose, I guarantee you will not be disappointed by what you get! 

The Vines of Lexington, Lexington

A wedding couple during their first kiss in an outdoor ceremony.

The Vines of Lexington is a beautiful venue and is a great option if you are looking for the perfect outdoor space for your wedding. The Vines of Lexington is a locally owned and operated venue, and you will be surrounded by scenic vineyards and beautiful green fields. 

The venue can host both larger weddings (with a max capacity of 147 guests) and smaller micro weddings, so it’s perfect for whatever you and your partner are looking for. The venue also has a beautiful covered area that makes for the perfect place to have your reception. 

You honestly can’t go wrong with The Vines of Lexington. The views of the vineyards during the day are gorgeous, and the string lights lighting up the night make everything feel so magical. 

Hotel Domestique, Travelers Rest

A couple holding each other close while standing on the far end of a small fountain.

Hotel Domestique is a beautiful European-style hotel that not only has stunning architecture to make your wedding feel like a destination wedding, but it also has amazing views of the mountains behind. 

Not only will you have the perfect venue that will make you feel like you hopped on a plane and flew to Europe, but it also has so much space for all of your guests. The venue can accommodate weddings of up to 300 guests, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your guest list down! 

The hotel has three different areas you can choose from for your ceremony and has different spots throughout that can be combined and catered towards you and your guests to make for the wedding you have always dreamed of. 

As an added bonus, not only can you start your honeymoon early and book a room at the hotel, but you can also sneak away to Bald Rock (which is a few minutes away from the hotel) to take some stunning pictures of you and your new spouse! 

Huguenot Mill, Greenville

A couple standing up saying their vows during their wedding.

The Huguenot Mill in Greenville is an amazing venue to choose if you are looking for something that has a bit more of an industrial vibe while still having a ton of history. The venue was once a functioning mill and is one of the oldest buildings in the city, built back in the 1880s. 

However, this venue feels anything but dated. The exposed brick walls offer a beautiful backdrop, and the lights strung throughout make the space feel absolutely magical. During the day, you’ll also get a ton of natural light coming through the huge windows all around the building! It is also located right next to Falls Park, so it’s super easy to get some beautiful outdoor portraits. 

If you’re looking for an LGBT-friendly wedding venue in South Carolina that can also host a big wedding. This may just be the perfect place for you! The upstairs portion of the venue (called the Huguenot Loft) can accommodate up to 400 guests, so there will be plenty of space, even for your second cousin once removed. 

Southern Bleachery, Taylors

Southern Bleachery is a beautiful, open venue that is perfect for your wedding. The venue has a very simple design and layout to it, which makes it perfect for couples who want a more minimal vibe for their wedding or who want a space that they can transform into their own. 

With white brick walls, original wooden floors, and large mill windows, the history of this space can really be felt throughout. Southern Bleachery is part of a larger complex called Taylor’s Mill. This is a great area and has other LGBT-friendly businesses throughout as well! 

The area is also great if you are looking for a place where you can take engagement photos that match the vibe of your wedding photos without being in the same exact spot. A few of the businesses in Taylor’s Mill (like Pinky’s Revenge Arcade and Game Lounge, and Ble Ox Hatchet House) are not only super cool to check out but are also very welcoming as well! 

Judson Mill, Greenville 

A couple leaning in for a kiss during their wedding ceremony.
This wedding took place at the venues previous location.

Established all the way back in 1912, Judson Mill is a wedding venue where the history of the space can be felt everywhere you go. If you are looking for something a little more unique and less crisp and modern, Judson Mill will check everything off of your list. 

The space has two different venues you can choose from: The Annex, which can accommodate up to 500 guests, and The Smokestack, which can accommodate up to 200 guests. The Annex is a massive room with original wood floors, huge windows that let in so much natural light, and beautiful exposed brick walls. 

What’s even better, the room can be split in two, meaning you can have your ceremony on one side and reception on the other without having the setup or taking anything down in between! 

While The Smokestack is slightly smaller, it is still a great option for any wedding ceremony. The concrete floors paired with the exposed brick and iron beams overhead give this space a historic and industrial feel. There is also a beautiful courtyard that you get access to with this space, which makes this venue even more amazing! 

Bonus LBGT friendly wedding venue in North Carolina

Parker Binns Vineyard

Parker Binns Vineyard is a beautiful vineyard in North Carolina with stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If you are looking for the perfect escape into nature with amazing scenery all around, Parker Binns Vineyard is perfect. 

Whether you want to have your ceremony right next to their pond, in a garden with beautiful mountain views (if you are having a more intimate wedding), or even right in the vineyards, they have you covered. Their Chardonnay Room offers the perfect place for your reception with that amazing rustic vibe that is felt throughout the entire venue. 

With the views of the mountains, beautiful vineyards all throughout the venue, and their amazing wine to top everything off, you can’t go wrong with Parker Binns Vineyard! 

Final Thoughts on LGBT-Friendly Wedding Venues in South Carolina

When it comes to finding LGBT-friendly wedding venues in South Carolina, you couldn’t ask for anything better. From industrial venues to vineyards to hotels with a view, the venues here are just incredible, and you are sure to have your dream wedding in any one of them. 

While I know this is a huge part of planning a wedding and can seem like something that will be super stressful, finding the perfect venue for you and your partner is such a fun experience, and trust me, there are more options out there than you may think! 

Now that you know where to find some of the best places to get married in South Carolina, all you need is the perfect photographer to capture this magical day. Click here to check out my wedding packages ranging from ones perfect for intimate weddings to full services packages that will check everything off your list! 

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