When it comes to your wedding day, most people wouldn’t be thrilled with a rainy, foggy day. I mean, wouldn’t the rain or bad weather ruin what is supposed to be an amazing day? 

Well, just like everything else, there are silver linings to wedding days that aren’t all sunshine. I recently had the chance to capture a wedding where the weather was less than bright, but the day was just as magical. 

At the end of the day, your wedding is about you and your partner and no weather can ever change the bond that you share. Plus, there are some pretty amazing things that happen when it rains that make your wedding photos enchanting. 

So, if you are worried that it won’t be blue skies for your big day, let’s talk about the magic of rainy day wedding photos and how to prepare for them!  

The Magic of Rainy Day Wedding Photos 

A More Dramatic Feel 

While some people may see rain as dreary, I see it as creating a more dramatic and emotional feeling. This feels especially true if you happen to be having your wedding somewhere outdoors or in a wooded area. 

It almost makes it feel as if you are in your own storybook. Everything is magical and enchanting, while also feeling quiet and still. All of these feelings come through in the photos and you’d be surprised at how beautiful of a backdrop this creates. 

Take Madison and Nick’s wedding for example. It was a bit rainy and foggy the entire day, but that just added to the beauty of their wedding. Their photos look like they came right out of a fairytale and made their venue feel even more unique. 

Instead of having a view of the surrounding mountains from their overlook, the fog made it feel like they were standing above the clouds in a world of their own. While it may not be what people traditionally expect to see, it creates its own aesthetic that makes your photos unforgettable. 

Beautiful Contrast in Colors 

A couple holds one another in an outdoor wedding venue with mountains behind them.

Not only do things feel more dramatic, but oftentimes you find that there is an even more beautiful contrast between the colors of your outfits and your surroundings. When everything else is a bit more muted and dull, you and your partner stand out and shine in the photos. 

Now, this may vary some depending on where your actual venue is, but rainy weather can really make you feel like the main character in your story and even make some of the smaller details of your surroundings pop. 

Instead of looking really dry and weathered, the wooded area where these two tied the knot felt alive and shined with the reflection of the water off of all of the branches and stone. Plus, the two were able to really stand out against the darker greens and browns of the forest without any bright lights shining through. 

Everything Feels More Intimate

There is something about the rain and the fog and the dreary weather that makes everything feel a bit more intimate. Everyone tends to stand a little closer, cuddle up together, and really appreciate each other’s presence. 

What more could you ask for on your wedding day than just that. Especially if you are having a smaller wedding, this can make it feel even more intimate and make you and all of your guests feel like you really enjoyed each and every moment of the day. 

Rainy days also always feel a bit more quiet and slow. Instead of paying attention to everything going on around you or hearing all of the noises, people tend to just take a step back and really listen. 

This means when it comes to your wedding, there is going to be a certain peace that falls over the day that will absolutely show through in your photos! 

Tips for Rainy Weddings 

Now, while rainy day wedding photos can be amazing, there are still a few tips that I have to prepare for your day in the best way possible. 

Always Have a Backup Location 

A couple stands up at the altar.

First, you always want to make sure that you have a backup location. Now, this is not me saying that you need to go out and rent two venues if you choose an outdoor venue (because trust me, I am not saying to do that!). 

But, you should have a second option that you can use in case the weather is too bad for you to have your ceremony or reception where you originally planned. If you are tying the knot at an outdoor venue, most of them will have some sort of indoor option that you can use if necessary. Be sure to talk with your venue to see what your options are in these cases. 

Even something as simple as a tent or covering can be perfect for these days. Madison and Nick ended up having their ceremony at an outdoor chapel, but it is covered so it worked out perfectly for their wedding day. 

Whatever the option is, just make sure you are planning ahead so you are not trying to scramble and put something together the day before or the day of your wedding. 

Bring Umbrellas (Clear Ones Are Best) 

If it is going to be raining during your wedding, I would definitely recommend bringing umbrellas and getting clear ones if you can. This is because clear ones can still be used in all of your photos without them feeling overwhelming or distracting. They also don’t cast shadows, making your photos much more crisp.  Your photographer probably has a few, but definitely double check. 

Regardless of when it is going to rain throughout the day, it is a good idea to bring these around with you everywhere. While they can be super helpful for taking portraits or group pictures outdoors, they can also be helpful just getting around the venue and making sure that you’re still looking your best when you walk down the aisle. 

Embrace the Rain and Fog 

A couple kisses on a rock with mountains behind them.

Finally, embrace the weather. Trying to resist what is going on around you or feeling resentful that it is not clear skies on your wedding day isn’t going to help anyone. Instead, just let yourself relax and enjoy whatever the day brings for you. 

Your life together is going to be unpredictable and you are going to get thrown curveballs every once in a while but sometimes those moments are the ones that you are going to remember forever. 

So, take the day as it comes, let your inner child who used to love running around in the rain come out, and in the end you’ll end up with photos and memories that you will cherish forever.   At the end of it all, you’ll be married to your person, which is all that really matters. 

Trust Your Photographer

An experienced photographer will have worked in all sorts of settings and weather conditions.  They might suggest an unexpected backdrop or an unconventional setup.  Trust that your photographer has your best interests at heart and wants to create the best possible photos for you. 

A couple poses with their arms wrapped around one another.

Final Thoughts on a Rainy and Foggy Wedding 

While it may not be what you had originally pictured for your wedding, having rain on your wedding day isn’t going to make your day, or your photos, any less special. This day is all about you and your partner and the commitment that you are making to each other. 

Whether it is sunny or foggy or snowing or raining, the love that you have for each other doesn’t change. So, take things as they come and enjoy this day for what it is – the start of your new life together. 

And, if you are still looking for the perfect photographer to capture those rainy day wedding photos, I would love to chat. Regardless of the weather, I am here to help tell your story and document this day for you and your partner to look back on forever. 

If you want to learn more, you can click here to check out my wedding photography services or you can head over here to get in touch and talk about your special day!

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