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aka what it’s like to have me as your photographer

Walking Into Forests with Strangers (But, Like, in a Fun Way)

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I’m here to make you laugh, pose you in a way that gets you thinking you could probably give Zendaya a run for her money, make sure you feel safe & respected, and capture your sweetest moments in a way that feels uniquely you.

I can take care of everything else. 

Here’s the deal, though: if you like each other, that’s the most important thing. That’s what’s going to show in your photos. 

Ok but really: it’s totally normal to feel nervous or worry that you’re going to be awkward in front of the camera. That’s true for casual family portraits, and it’s especially true for big milestones like weddings.

(You are not alooonnneeee)

Wait, you mean you don’t spend every other Tuesday evening walking into the forest, meeting up with a stranger, and then having them tell you what to do and how to stand while you stare at each other in silence?

How. Weird.

“Devin, you really have your work cut out for you – we’re super awkward and/or really bad at getting pictures taken.”

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Ready for vibrant, true-to-life wedding photos that represent you authentically and sincerely, plus an experience that’s fully designed around showcasing your love, your story, and your day?

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Capture life’s moments – both big and small – in the form of portraits to cherish forever (literally). For families, couples, newborns, seniors, and more!

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- Ken & Allison

When we spoke for the first time, it was really like making a new friend. All of our interactions were a delight. Devin made us feel comfortable being the subject of so many photos during our engagement shoot (not to mention her willingness to fly out to Vegas!) and the pictures turned out SO WELL!

"So many photographers' websites look so similar: the same poses, the same vibe, the same perfection, the same white, blonde people… but when we stumbled across Devin’s site, it was a BREATH OF FRESH AIR!"

Nodding along? Keep reading!

shoots and edits in a style that speaks to you (getting back an album that makes your colorful springtime shindig look like a Victorian funeral = not fun)

has the experience and skills to get both candid shots and elegant ceremony photos, wrangle family members, and do it all in a busy environment with constantly changing lighting (dance floor, anyone?)

you actually enjoy being around (because you’re going to be seeing a LOT of them, especially on your wedding day!)

Imagine someone who…

Choosing a photographer can feel like a really big decision, right? After all, there are plenty of pros out there who can compose and deliver nice pictures. 

But choosing a photographer who’s the right fit for you? It’s a legit game-changer. 

My photography approach

Here, it’s all about telling your story sincerely and representing you authentically.

  • Someone who feels like a best friend… but who just so happens to be a professional photographer with serious technical and people skills
  • An environment where you can show up as your truest self and feel safe, respected, loved, and validated
  • Photos that capture you, your favorite people, and your life milestones just as you remember them… but with a little extra magic thrown in. 🙂

What you will encounter with me as your photographer:

  • No forcing you into weird, stiff poses that you hate
  • No edits or presets that make you, your loved ones, or your wedding seem… nothing like it actually looked IRL. My style is true to life, which means I love bright colors, and lots of contrast
  • No weird, pretentious rules (the focus of these images is your life and your memories, not me flexing my artistic prowess!)

What you won’t encounter with me as your photographer:

- Caitlan & Mary Hollis

We really wanted to find a photographer that made it obvious that they didn't care what the sexual preferences of their clients were – someone would just treat us like two people in love, getting married. That’s exactly what we found in Devin.

“While most professional photographers take good pictures, we had concerns about wedding vendors either not feeling comfortable with a same-sex couple or getting excited about 'finally being able to do a gay wedding!'"

- Jessica & Jason

Most of our guests were coming in from out of town, and Devin made sure to capture every moment with everyone. She’s the sweetest, really listens, and is not afraid to ask questions. Definitely a five-star experience, and we’re looking forward to working with her in the future!

"My husband and I really enjoyed our experience with Devin! She knew not only how to make the day fun, but she helped us feel relaxed, too. And the photos from our wedding? We totally fell in love with them!"

Eyes (and heart) still craving more?

Head over to the blog to check out stories from real clients:

- Rebecca & Sam

On our wedding day, Devin was on top of making sure that everything we discussed actually got accomplished. Time flew by, and she made sure I had a picture for every moment, interaction, and ounce of love that was shared that day. I could not have asked for a better photographer.

“From the time I first talked to Devin, I knew she was someone who could keep me sane on my wedding day. She was welcoming, warm, and really took the time to get to know me and my fiance."

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