Looking for the perfect photo spots in Greenville SC? Well, as a South Carolina photographer, I have been to a ton of different spots around the city and the surrounding areas and can tell you there are some amazing spots. 

Greenville is the perfect place to get photos if you love nature and want to do an outdoor photoshoot. From mountains to lakes to gardens and everything in between, everything you could want is just a short drive away. 

Let’s jump into some of my favorite photo spots in Greenville, SC, and some bonus locations right around the city! 

Photo Spots in Greenville SC

Furman University 

Honestly, I think that universities are some of the most underrated places to take pictures. They often have amazing gardens, manicured lawns, and quiet places to slip off to. Furman University is no exception.

While there are a ton of different spots throughout the campus that you can explore during your photoshoot, a few of them definitely stand out among the crowd. 

The Janie E. Furman Rose Garden is a beautiful spot with colorful roses and perfectly trimmed bushes. Right in the middle is an incredible gazebo that brings the whole space together. Plus, you are right on the lake, so you have a beautiful backdrop wherever you are! 

There is also the Bell Tower, which is a very popular location for good reason. Not only is the tower beautiful, but it is surrounded by a peaceful lake, and there is a spiral staircase up the middle of the tower that makes it so unique. 

One of the other things I love about photoshoots at universities is you tend to have a much more private session. Especially if you are heading over there on the weekends, you are going to find that it is a lot less crowded than some areas downtown or even up in the mountains! 

However, be sure you check the university’s schedule before settling on a date. The campus can come to life on game days, so you want to make sure there aren’t any big events or games going on during your session! 

Paris Mountain

If you want a photo spot in Greenville SC that has a bit more of an outdoorsy vibe to it, Paris Mountain is an amazing option. 

The great thing about having a session in a park like this is that even if there are a ton of other people at the park, you can always find spots that are more private and secluded for your session! 

Paris Mountain has a great variety of spots to explore, from the classic enchanted forest areas to lakes and piers to waterfalls and wooden bridges. If you are someone who loves being outside and hiking, this is a great option for you. 

Plus, during fall, all of the leaves change colors, and it creates the perfect autumn backdrop whether you are doing a family session, getting engagement photos, or anything in between! 

Unity Park

Unity Park is a beautiful park right in Greenville and is a great spot for a photo shoot, especially if you are planning on doing family photos! Now, I want to preface this by saying two things. 

First, you do need to have a permit and pay a fee to have a session there, so be sure you respect that and get everything you need before you head out there for your session. Second, this is a city park, so you most likely won’t have a completely private session. 

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the park itself has so much to offer for your session. There are walking paths throughout that you can go along during your session, as well as the Reedy River flowing right through the middle. 

The park is also dog-friendly (as long as they are leashed), so you can bring your furry family members along with you for an amazing photoshoot! And there’s an excellent playground for the kids to enjoy afterward. 

Rock Quarry Garden

Looking for an almost storybook location for your photoshoot? Well, Rock Quarry Garden may just be the place. This area, situated within Cleveland Park, is right in the heart of the city but makes you feel like you are transported into another world.

The highlight of this area is definitely the arched rock bridge going over the river. It makes you feel like you are crossing the bridge into a fairytale. 

In the spring, you can you can find colorful flowers and bright green trees. During the fall, the leaves changing colors in the background just adds to the charm of this location! 

Similar to Unity Park, the Rock Quarry Garden also requires you to have a permit and pay a fee to have your session there, so be sure to check that out before planning your session! 

Taylors Mill 

While most of the spots on this list are beautiful outdoor locations that show off the natural beauty of Greenville, Taylors Mill has a bit of a different vibe. This spot is a much more industrial area but with a ton of character and charm. 

While you are only able to take pictures around the exterior of the building right now, you will not be disappointed by what you get. The exterior is the perfect combination of a rundown, industrial vibe without actually being run down. 

The massive walls of the mill are made up of paneled windows that create a unique and interesting background for your pictures. This is an amazing space to do couples photos, engagement photos, or even wedding portraits! 

Photo Spots Around Greenville, SC

Now, while there are so many amazing spots right in the city that you can go to take pictures, there are also a few places just a short drive away that are stunning for photos. These spots are amazing spots for any photo shoot, but especially if you are doing a couples or engagement session!  

Bald Rock

Bald Rock is one of my favorite places to take pictures around Greenville, SC. Not only is it normally a little less busy than some other places, but it also has incredible views of the surrounding area. 

You’ll find Bald Rock right off of the highway, tucked away behind the trees. It is a spot that is easily missed if you don’t know it is there, but it is a place you will never forget as soon as you visit. 

Once you are out on the rocks, you’ll get expansive views of the mountains and the area surrounding it. If you are looking for a place to get the perfect overlook pictures without having to do any hiking or work to get out there, Bald Rock is definitely a great option for you!  It’s also closer to Greenville than many of the other popular mountain locations. 

South Carolina Botanical Gardens at Clemson University

Finally, we have the South Carolina Botanical Gardens at Clemson University. These gardens are so beautiful and are so well taken care of. Plus, there is so much to explore here, so you can spend your whole session just walking around the gardens. 

The gardens span about 300 acres and have different areas throughout, like the Hydrangea Garden, Perennial Garden, and Butterfly Garden, as well as a few different ponds and a trail going through the middle. 

The botanical gardens are also dog-friendly (except for on the Natural Heritage Trail), so you can have your session with your furry friend! Just make sure they stay on leash out and off the flower beds. 

Finally, your photographer will also have to register with the gardens beforehand, so be sure to schedule your session in advance so your photographer has time to set that up! 

Final Thoughts on Greenville SC Photo Locations

While there are so many amazing photo spots in Greenville, SC, these are definitely ones that you don’t want to miss out on. Whether you want an industrial vibe, a beautiful mountain outlook, or a garden, you will be able to find your dream location right around the corner. 

Now that you know where to get your photos taken, all you need is the perfect photographer to capture those moments for you. As a South Carolina photographer, I love traveling around this beautiful state and helping you celebrate the big and small moments in your life. 

If you are ready to freeze this moment in time, click here to check out my services and see how I can help tell your story, or head over here and get in touch!

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